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Episode 1.1 Insect inside

Episode 2.1 Monkey See, Doggie Do

Episode 3.2 Geshunfight

Episode 4.1 Buttercrush

Episode 4.2 Fuzzy lumpkins logic

Episode 5.1 Boogie frights

Episode 5.2 Abracadaver

Episode 6.2 Tough Love

Episode 7.1 Major competition

Episode 7.2 Mr. Mojos rising

Episode 8.1 Paste makes waste

Episode 8.2 Blossoms got Ice Breath

Episode 9.1 Bubblevicious

Episode 9.2 The bare fact

Episode 10.1 Cat man do

Episode 10.2 Impeach fuzz

Episode 11.1 Just Another Manic Mojo

Episode 12 The Rowdyruff Boys

Episode 13 Uh Oh Dynamo

Episode 14.1 Stuck up, up and away

Episode 14.2 Schoolhouse Rocked

Episode 15.1 Collect her

Episode 15.2 Supper Villain

Episode 16.1 Birthday bash

Episode 17.1 Dream scheme

Episode 17.2 You snooze you lose

Episode 18.1 Beat your greens

Episode 18.2 Down n dirty

Episode 19.1 Slave the day

Episode 19.2 Los dos Mojos

Episode 20.1 A very special blossom

Episode 20.2 Daylight savings

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